Ten Tips For an Effective Workspace

We all know the routine….you sit down to study, get up for a cup of coffee and some snacks, sit back down, look around, get on Instagram, realize that you only have three hours left to finish what you initially sat down to do, get stressed about the time crunch, and then get up to blow off some steam. It’s a routine that is grounded into our millennial minds from the conception of Facebook and although keeping up with our friends is important, this routine is ultimately dangerous. Here are some tips to help with   breaking the routine:

  1. Create a space that inspires you

    1. This is the single the most important thing to creating an effective workspace. I know it might sound a little silly at first but how are you supposed to work with no inspiration? Creating this all about what you are interested in weather it be art work above your desk or a thousand inspirational quotes, it’s all about YOU. For me, I have a 65×72 poster of New York City behind my desk because feeling small in a big city inspires me and makes me want to push to be better.
  2. Keep it clean

    Scientifically when we keep our areas clean our minds work more clearly and effectively because our visual surroundings are not being clouded. Take this into consideration when creating your workspace….is it going to be easy to keep the desk clear, are there areas where I can put wall paper files/cups?

  3. Post it notes, posit notes, post it notes!

    1. while working post it notes are your best friend. As I mentioned above, the muddy routine of spacing is alive and real. Post it notes will allow you to write down random questions you thought of while reading something else, mark where you left off in pages/chapters, and allow your brain to associate ideas with different colors(most effective way of remembering things).
  4. Dress for what you’re accomplishing

    1. When you’re sitting down at your desk to work you should always be dressed for the occasion. If you’re sitting down to study, be dressed as if you’re going to school. If you’re sitting down to do something for work, business casual is recommended. The reason for this is because if you’re wearing a huge t-shirt and leggings then you’re too comfortable to feel like you’re doing something.
  5. create a game plan

    1. What are you learning? What do you want to learn? What do you want to feel like you’ve accomplished? All of these questioned should be asked when making a game plan or what it is that you’re sitting down to do. Write answers to all of these questions and at the end of your session reflected make sure that you can answer them.
  6. turn your phone on do not disturb

    1. This should go without saying but I’ll reiterate it to you…..turn your phone off. I know we all have smartphones that have our music on it so we can’t fully turn it off but unplug, focus on what it is that you’re doing.
  7. keep a book/magazine next to you

    1. After unplugging from the depths of the internet and your friends, you’re going to need an outlet for when you just cannot look at your computer screen/flashcards anymore. Having something near your that you can easily put down or gain inspiration from in ways that you never expected.
  8. turn on classical/beat motivated music

    1. I know that most of us can zone out and not even notice that there are words in our music but when you listen to music with no words you have an ability to follow your thoughts through instead of getting distracted because your favorite verse came on.
  9. Bowl of snacks

    1. This is the easiest tip I can give you, I’m a foodie so I always have food next to me in some capacity. Keeping a bowl of cheerios or pretzels next to you will allow you to give you some fuel for your thoughts without having to get up every five minutes to find out what’s in your pantry.
  10. 1 cup of coffee per 3 cups of water

    1. Okay, okay, okay, I know coffee is life. Literally. It pains me to say it but after years and years of collegiate level studying coffee can ruin your night really quick. When you drink too much coffee you can become so fueled and ready to go but not even close to it being about what you’re doing.
  11. keep a plant

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